PRICE: 799 €

Digital Clark's Zapper with 25 programs
- 2 copper electrodes
- a plug-in cable for all the electrodes
- a charger
- a comprehensive manual in English (with a table of frequencies for particular pathogens)

Digital Silver Pulser:
- a set of silver electrodes (99.99)
- a blood electrification cable
- a neoprene wrist band
- a charger
- a detailed manual in English
- juice of silver electrodes (99,99)

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Digital Clarks Zapper
PRICE: 495 €
Digital Clark's Zapper with 25 programs which we would like to recommend to you is the only devices on the market which guarantee the same effectiveness level of the therapy as in case of professional laboratories. It is possible thanks to connection of three separate functions. It includes all about zapping which has been so far discovered.
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Digital Silver Pulser
PRICE: 449 €
Digital Silver Pulser is the second device, which is a supplement to this revolutionary treatment method. We invite you to get acquainted with this new, revolutionary, break-through treatment method for ailments (including those, which are considered incurable by contemporary medicine). It has saved lives and health of thousands of patients, to whom academic medicine had nothing to offer. Years of research and tests in hospitals and laboratories all over the worlds have proved above all doubt the outstanding effectiveness of this method (97-99.8%) in treatment of even the most severe and hopeless cases. [ reed more ] »

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Akcesoria zapasowe

Silver electrodes
PRICE: 49 €
Silver electrodes of high fineness (99.00). One pair of electrodes will allow for producing approx. 250 litres of colloidal silver with recommended concentration of 5-10 ppm.

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Specialist copper electrodes
PRICE: 25 €

Specialist copper electrodes - (full) made of highest quality copper for professional use with high level of effectiveness. Recommended in case of female disorders (intravaginally), in case of bowels disorders, piles and prostate disorders (intrarectally).

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Copper electrodes cable
PRICE: 8 €
Copper electrodes cable

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Electrification cable
PRICE: 7 €

Electrification cable

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Digital Clarks Zapper charger
PRICE: 6 €
Digital Clark’s Zapper charger

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Digital Silver Pulser power supply unit
PRICE: 6 €
Digital Silver Pulser power supply unit

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Neoprene wrist band
PRICE: 4 €
Neoprene wrist band

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