Blood electrification

Blood electrification Blood electrification means removing (killing) all pathogenic microbes from the patient's blood and the body organs, by means of using low-voltage electric current applied to wrist aortas with the use of special electrodes. Digital Silver Pulser electric current is focused, first of all, on blood parasites and blood regeneration. It has also partial influence on internal organs, but such influence amounts only to approx. 20%. Zapper or generator-produced current has a corresponding influence on our body. Therefore, when we use a generator of Digital Clark's Zapper we obtain 100% influence on the organs and only 20% influence on the blood. The pioneer of this method in its contemporary form was Dr. Bob Beck. He was the one to discover that there is no need to electrify blood by drawing it from the patient. It is enough to apply electrodes to aortas. The results turned out to be even better and more practical, as today each patient can take advantage of this great method also at home. The idea of blood electrification is closely connected with taking the colloidal silver as a natural antibiotic affecting the so-called empty organs (e.g. the bowels), which neither current from the Digital Silver Pulser, nor the Digital Clark's Zapper can reach. It prevents infections and multiplies the effectiveness of the therapy.

Zapper therapy

Zapper therapy Zapper therapy is a common name for procedure involving using and applying low-voltage electric currents to remove parasites. The method has been known for 40 years and it was practiced with the use of laboratory generators. The frequency of each parasite was identified and the same frequency was then applied by the generator. Consequently, the phenomena of bioresonance which occurred in the body killed the parasite. After many years of research, by accident, a portable, battery-powered generator with low scope of frequencies was used. It turned out, that this type of generator moves the signal to the positive direction which allows to remove many parasites on one frequency. This is how Digital Clark's Zapper , as we know it today, was created. It should be emphasized that "zapper" alone is responsible for only 10% of success in fighting parasites, as the zapper's current has a very general effect and is not as effective as a generator. In order to understand this issue, we may compare the zapper's current with light and the current from the generator with laser. The dispersed light has a weaker and more general effect, while laser is concentrated and very effective. In case of many ailments, we must work in a very specific way targeted at a given parasite, so that our treatment gave good results. Here the role of the generator is invaluable. In some cases using only the "zapper" is enough, but in illnesses where the parasites are also found in blood, such as cancers of hepatitis, it is necessary to combine the therapy performed with Digital Silver Pulser, the generator and the zapper".

Many diseases have their origin in inflammations or invasions of parasites which poison our bodies. Effective removal of bacteria, viruses or fungi allows for very quick recovery and brings outstanding treatment effects. What was known to teams of biologists over a decade ago, now it beginning to find its reflection in conventional medicine. A good example of such case is "helicobactor" (causes stomach erosions), discovered by biologists many years ago. Conventional medicine accepted this discovery only in 1999. The scientists today officially express their view that parasites are responsible for every ailment. By parasites we mean of course a wide scope of viruses, bacteria, moulds or fungi. It seems that academic medicine will have to come to terms with this fact and verify the treatment from relieving symptoms to curing the causes. In our "Merlin" Centre we use a professional generator + stationary zapper. The author of this method is, among others, Dr. Hulda Clark. We offer to our patients also portable "zappers-generators" for individual use at home. These are class "A" medical devices according to the European Union standards of laboratory quality. At the point of purchase you may take advantage of professional advice of a specialist.

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