Elektroniczne killery - czyli czego choroby boją się najbardziej

40 years of research was not wasted, and its all thanks to an accident. Today, the question what diseases fear the most can be easily answered. They fear electricity! In 1990, Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York announced to the world that low-voltage electricity (such as e.g. in case of Digital Clark's Zapper or Digital Silver Pulser) kills the HIV virus, Epstein Bara virus (responsible for chronic fatigue), the virus responsible for hepatitis and many more. Today this list includes over 500 harmful microbes. Each of them can cause a serious ailment. On the basis of this research, special equipment was developed. These devices can destroy whole colonies of unwanted intruders in just several minutes. Only a dozen or so years ago, they took forms of huge laboratory generators. Today smaller, portable devices such as Digital Clark's Zapper or Digital Silver Pulser are available. Low-voltage electricity therapy makes a hit all over the world thanks to its incredible effectiveness (97-99.8%) and complete lack of side-effects.

The latest devices


Only a few years ago they took forms of huge laboratory generators. Today smaller, portable devices such as Digital Clark's Zapper or Digital Silver Pulser are available. Low-voltage electricity therapy makes a hit all over the world thanks to its incredible effectiveness (97-99.8%) and complete lack of side-effects.

Do you know the latest results of scientific research?

Majority of diseases are caused by microbes which live inside our body This is the latest thesis of scientific institutes and independent microbiologists. Their research, which lasted more than 40 years has proved that in majority of cases a disease progresses due to developing colonies of viruses, bacteria, fungi, moulds or parasites. All these microbes secrete a huge amount of toxins, which poison us regularly and cause diseases, malaise or speed up the aging process. It has also turned out that during the last decade the level of parasites on our bodies has been increasing dramatically due to favourable conditions for their reproduction. The key contributing factors are stress and preservatives. The latter are many microbes' delicacy.

They write about us

Article from"Natural Health", May 2008

Wrozka ... My 7-year-old son suffered from allergies. After playing with a dog or a cat the nightmare started - rash, sneezing and watering eyes. Fortunately, it is over now. Having applied the therapy - Digital Clark's Zapper Programme 12 and drinking colloidal silver everything has subsided. Finally my son's dream will come true - he will be able to have a dog. I have been using the therapy, too and I have got rid of the headaches which I had for many years. [ read more ]

Article from"Prediction", April 2008

Wrozka ... You will ask if the purification process of our organism is essential to everybody. I mean an average person who feels fairly well and only occasionally takes some vitamins. The answer is "yes"! Firstly, IT IS BETTER TO PREVENT THAN CURE! [ read more ]

Article from"Wrozka", November 2006

Wrozka ... and even the most prestigious universities, including Alber Einster University in New York, officially confirmed the revolutionary character of this method in 1990... (Digital Clark's Zapper and Digital Silver Pulser) is already available in Poland. It can be compared to making a rolls-royce available at a cheapest car's price. [ read more ]

Article in "Uzdrawiacz"

Uzdrawiacz... a high percentage (97-99.8) of curability in case of various ailments. Regardless of the fact, if it is a simple ailment or the last stage of malignant cancer with metastasis,  AIDS or multiple sclerosis, the curability percentage was constantly on the same, high level and after the end of the treatment, no viruses or bacteria present in a given ailment were found! [ read more ]

Article from "Czwarty Wymiar", October 2006

Czwarty wymiar ... Digital Clark's Zapper and Digital Silver Pulser are the only devices on the market which guarantee the same effectiveness level of the therapy as in case of professional laboratories. [ read more ]

Article in"Nieznany Swiat"

Nieznany Swiat... Thousands of people all over the world have tried zapper therapy and blood electrification, including those suffering from so-called incurable diseases, such as: heart and lung diseases, joints disorders, sinuses and skin diseases, asthma, diabetes, psoriasis, tumours, neoplasm, cysts, candidosis, influenza, loin pains, prostate disorders, depression, chronic fatigue, muscle pains, headaches, migraines, allergies, common cold, insomnia, etc. [ read more ]

"Goniec Polski"(a Polish newspaper published in the UK)

Goniec Polski... These devices are: Digital Silver Pulser developed by dr Boba Becka and Digital Clark's Zapper developed by dr Huldy Clark. The key difference between these devices stems from the fact that Digital Clark’s Zapper removes parasites and microbes living in our body organs, whereas Solver Pulsed removes them perfectly from our blood and lymph. Both of these devices complement each other and constitute together a complete and incredibly effective purifying treatment. [ read more ]

Clients' opinion

 “I had suffered from depression and obsessive compulsive disorder for 5 years. I was treated pharmacologically, but as  it did not bring expected results, I begun hospital treatment. After a month of my stay at the hospital, my daughter brought me a Digital Clark's Zapper. I did the depression-treatment program. The improvement was so huge that I asked to be discharged from the hospital the next day. Encouraged by my well-being, I went through full D.C Zapper and Digital Silver Pulser treatment.
 It was exactly one year ago. Today I feel fantastic and, what is more, the joint pains which I had suffered from for 15 years subsided. Thank you with all my heart. On my behalf, and on behalf of my grandchildren, who have regained their grandma."

Alicja Matera - Koszalin, Poland

 “I found your offer while browsing the internet. I recommended your website to my friend, whose 7-year old son suffered from severe allergy to almost everything that flies in the air (from the day he was born). When after 4 weeks I got from my friend’s son a cognac as a thank-you gift for curing him, I immediately ordered the devices for myself. I suffered from irritable bowel syndrome (it is a very troublesome disease). With the use of D.C. Zapper generator I have removed all the possible causes, I drunk colloidal silver, I used Digital Silver Pulser... After 2 weeks I started to feel improvement. After 4 weeks I tried to eat products, which normally caused problems. Surprisingly, I still felt fine. I’m not in diet any more, I even drink beer. I use zapping preventively, because I want to keep it this way.

Kazimierz Wojcieszkiewicz - Nowy Sącz, Poland

 “I’m 19 years old. This summer, for the first time in 4 years I was able to put on a short-sleeve shirt. Earlier I used to cover my arms and legs, marred by psoriasis and scabs almost 1 cm thick. I finished the treatment with the devices 2 months ago. All the scabs fell off and my skin is smooth. The only thing left are small colour differences in places previously marked by the disease. I hope that with time even these marks will be gone. "

Karol Ostaszewski - Lublin, Poland

 “From the earliest years, I have suffered from poor immunity: every year I used to come down with flu, bronchitis of pneumonia. On 28.07.06 I took a test – according to the result, I had streptococci in my throat. I had diarrhoea day and night.  I suffered from dry cough attacks – “living fire”. I lost 31 kg. I lost my strength. I was immediately taken to the hospital, as my disease (tuberculosis - diagnosis 25.10.06) threatened my life (...) Before I received the devices (Digital Clark's Zapper and Digital Silver Pulser), I slept while sitting. I was afraid that I may get suffocated on the water from pleura. Dr. Moskwa said that the disease probably attacked the bowels and blood first, and then moved to the lungs.

Digital Clark's Zapper - generator, programmes
Digital Silver Pulser – blood purification, colloidal silver

16.02.07 – iris read-out
20.02.07 – chest X-ray
21.02.07 - OXY-TEST 2000M
Tuberculosis subsided. I can walk in my flat and breathe normally.
Cordial greetings.”

Halina Bartnicka - Koszalin, Poland

 “I did a test and it turned out I had fibroma and epynema in my breasts... Therefore I decided to buy the devices and try to purify my body. After two months I did the basic blood count, the results were perfect. I also did the pap test and it turned out that the result was PAP I, the best I've ever had. Sometime later I did mammography and it turned out, that all the changes disappeared. I would like to add that I use D.C. Zapper and Digital Silver Pulser to treat cold. I recommend the devices to others and I would like to assure you that they work."

Helena Nowakowska - Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland

 “Thank you very much for these devices. They are very useful and effective."

Henryk Jasiński - Rzeszów, Poland

 “I’ve had the devices since July 2006. After the treatment I did blood and urine tests. The results were good. As far as colloidal silver is concerned, it brings very good effects. I’ve given it to several of my friends to try and they are all amazed. Mycosis disappeared, low back pain subsided, suppurating wounds healed, even red spots disappeared.”

Augustyn Marian - Mszanka, Poland

Parasitical reasons of diseases

Strona_glownaDr Hulda Clark in her book ‘The Cure’ mentions a lot of descriptions of researches which were done with patients and health effects after removing parasites.
A lot of researchers followed her methods. Nowadays, nobody is surprised by the fact that most diseases are caused by parasites, nevertheless the knowledge about it is still minimal.
The majority of people have heard about helicobacter which causes gastric ulcer but only a small minority of them, are aware of the fact that the bacterium mycobacterium tuberculosis causes tuberculosis.
As you can see it is  really worth to read the book.


All pathogens which are described below and included in the book ban be got rid of your body by Digital Clark’s Zapper and Digital Silver Pulser.


- you cannot contract the HIV virus without becoming infected with intestinal flukes, they always appear together. Mould and Zearalenon micotoxin are helpful in the development process of the infection. Having destructed all the phases of the development process of the parasites, the virus HIV disappears during two hours. Healing AIDS depends on removing benzene from the body and preventing its further absorption.


- the cause of depression lies in the cerebral infection with small Aschelminthes. As a result, the brain cannot produce a sufficient amount of neurotransmitters or keep the balance among them. Toxocara cali and Toxocara canis, Trichinella and Strongyloides. Schigella bacteria always accompany the cases of depression.


- the common cause of chickenpox and shingles is a Varicella Zoster virus, but there is yet another causative agent of this virus - Ascaris.


- the family of viruses triggering herpes consists of: a virus of herpes simplex (HSV) 1 and 2, Epstein-Barr virus, shingles and chickenpox (Varicella Zoster virus), Cytomegalovirus (CMV).


- the cervical erosion is usually a result of a mechanical injury, contact with chemicals or a pathogenic process, e.g. Candidal infection. It is frequently a result of another exanthema such as: blisters, pustules or spots which can be caused by bacteria or viruses transmitted sexually. (see: WOMEN’S DISEASES)


- the main cause of anaemia is helminthiasis (see: HELMINTHIASIS)


- these are curable diseases as they are triggered by parasites. Destroy them and you will prevent their development. The causative agent is a human intestinal fluke (Fasciolopsis buskii).


- the cause of this ailment is a nematode belonging to the family of Ascaridadae.
Nematodes produce chemical substances which are highly sensitising and they can affect the skin condition. Animals become constantly infected with nematodes in the families where animals are kept in the houses so this disease may take on a chronic form.


- the cause is always small larvae of Ascaris situated in the brain. Moreover, along with them Bacteroides fragilis is transmitted which is big enough to hold thousands of viruses. The two common viruses accompanying Ascaris are: Coxackie B1 virus and Coxackie B4 virus.


- the most frequently appearing among humans is Candida albicans. Each of us has some Candida albicans in the alimentary system. When the development of Candida albicans goes out of control we have a Candidal infection. It triggers a lot of ailments (see: PROGRAMME 7). Another fungus developing on the skin is Tinea, causing mycosis, e.g. perineal pruritus.


- Helictotrichon (enetrobiais, oxyuriasis) is an infection with intestinal parasites called Enterobius.


- these diseases are triggered by flukes which reach the brain or the spinal cord and multiply there. The next agents are Shigella and Nocardia, Clostridium tetani, Staphylococcus and Streptococcus.


- Staphylococcus causes a lot of ailments: infections in the oral cavity, myalgia, pains in the joints, throat infections, ear infections, lung infections, ulcers, heart diseases, stiffness in the knees, skin diseases and many others.


- if the cause is a heart disease, it is triggered by the same parasites which cause heart disease (see: HEART DISEASES)


- it is caused by the flukes which make their colonies in the womb as well as by liver fluke (Fasciola hepatica) and Gardenella.


- all the ailments of the prostate are caused by eelworms and a liver fluke along with the accompanying bacteria and viruses which live in the prostate gland.


- there are many causative agents of these ailments, e.g. Trichomonas, Campylobacter, Chlamydia, Gardenella, Candida albicans, Herpes simplex 2, Neisseria gonorrhea, Treponema pallidum and many others.


- it is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis.


- Giardia can be easily removed (3 minutes) by using a frequency generator.


- the most frequent causative agents are Strogyloides nematodes, Salmonella, Shigella, E.coli, Staphylococcus and Streptococcus.


- causative agents are: intestinal flukes or sheep liver fluke inhabiting the womb. When they pave the way to the womb many other parasites follow them: eelworms, liver flukes, Eurytrema. In the place where there are big parasites soon small parasites appear. All parasites bring bacteria and viruses. Gardenella always accompany Adenomyometritis.


- Alzheimer’s disease is caused by the flukes coming from the undercooked meat and our lovely animals. They develop in the brain. Bacteria such as Shigella settle there as well. We can also find Claviceps purpurea which has significant psychogenic influence.


- in all cases of asthma we can observe an infection with larvae of eelworms situated in the lungs. Bacteroides fragilis and virus Coxsackie accompany the larvae of eelworms. Other parasites living in the lungs are: Naegleria, Endolimax, intestinal flukes, Chilomastix, Capilaria and many others.


- it has been discovered that all allergy sufferers have been invaded with sheep liver fluke living in the bile ducts. To get rid of allergy effectively and permanently, it is necessary to remove stones in the liver and kidney stones, to avoid mould and salmonella. Milder types of allergy are usually triggered by human liver fluke (Clonorchis sinensin).


- it is a symptom of the serious invasion in the intestines. This can be caused by Bacterium coli, Salmonella, Shigella, liver fluke, pancreatic fluke, amoeba, fungi, eelworms, threadworms, intestinal flukes, Chilomastix, Capilaria and many others.


- cysts can be caused by big parsites, e.g flukes, Gardenella as well as diseases such as gonorrhoea and syphilis. Ovarian cyst may trigger many kinds of contamination. If we remove parasites and cease feeding contamination into the organism, the cyst will be absorbed.


- insomnia is always connected with the serious invasion of parasites and bacteria. It is caused by the products of their metabolism - mainly ammonia (accumulated in the brain). To restore healthy sleep it is necessary to treat helminthiasis.


- the most frequent causative agent is a parasite living in the dog’s heart Dirofilaria and Loa loa as well as Cytomegalovirus.


- the ailments of the sex organs are caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites of the urogenital system such as: Neisseria gonorrhoea, Herpes simplex, Gardenella vaginalis, Candida albicans, Proteus vulgaris, Trichomonas vaginalis, Chlamydia and many others.


- there are many kinds of amoeba capable of living in the human body, e.g Endoamoeba gingivalis, Endolimax nana, Entamoeba and many others. All of them can be destroyed by using a frequency generator.


- in the case of osteitis and arthritis there are always bacteria which remain in the concretion and attack the joints. In the case of rheumatism bacteria come from the parasites whose germs live in these joints. These are small nemathelminthes, roundworms, Ankylostoma, nematodes and trichina (Trichinella spiralis).


- the causative agents are bacteria which develop in the presence of parasites such as: threadworms, tapeworms, roundworms and flukes.


- the virus triggering the flu is influenza. Many cases of the flu are caused by Salmonella and Shigella bacteria.


- they are caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae, other Staphylococci and Streptococci. To get rid of these ailments permanently it is necessary to eliminate aspirin and other salicylates which are the medium for these bacteria.


- it is triggered by many different parasites along with accompanying bacteria which are responsible for pain syndromes.


- the symptoms of menopause are not the natural condition, they are certainly caused by hormonal disorders and the latter are not normal. The causative agents are: microbes, e.g Proteus, Salmonella, Neisseria, Treponema, Chlamydia, Gardenella, Campylobacter, etc.


- it is triggered by Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), however, it is always accompanied by big parasites such as flukes. Chronic tiredness can also be caused by Candida.


- the disease caused by the parasites living in the intestines such as: tapeworms, roundworms, Ankylostoma, whipworms (Trichocephalus trichiurus), threadworms, trichina, protozoa.


- it is triggered by Candida albicans.


- in the pancreas of all the people suffering from diabetes there are flukes of the genus Eurytrema (e.g Eurytrema pancreaticum).


- the causative agents are: nematodes, roundworms and bacteria feeding on the products of the sebaceous glands. Another causative agent is Trichinella. To get rid of the acne permanently it is necessary to cleanse organs and blood of pathogens (in order to avoid infections).


- it is caused by Sarcoptes scabiei. It is a carrier of adenovirus (a common cold virus).


- the problem is solved with destroying bacteria which weaken the ligaments and killing Schistoma, roundworms and other parasites carrying bacteria.


- there are many causes, one of them is Candida and all kinds of parasites which are the carriers of bacteria and viruses.


- the Candida syndrome is triggered by an excess of Candida fungi (see: description in the section “DID YOU KNOW” / CANDIDA - PLAGUE OF THE 21ST CENTURY)


Test na candide

What are the advantages of the 21st century medicine?

The answer is very simple. The advantages are immense, especially because they concern all of us. Nowadays, it is hardly possible to find a “super healthy” person, who would not benefit significantly from body purifying. Today’s therapies, which were beyond our reach not so long ago, become more and more popular and accessible. As an alternative medicine centre, we are interested in the most effective therapies and we constantly follow the latest discoveries. This is how we came across "zapper therapy" and "blood electrification".

Your opinion-worths its weight in gold

Through the all years of selling the devices and cooperating with patients we have collected lots of authentic clients’ opinions. Publishing all of them at our website is impossible because there are too much of them. We have decided to publish the most interesting of them in a book about ‘electrification’ and ‘zappotherapy’, which is coming up this year. If our devices helped you in any way, please send us your opinion and we will include it in our book. You can send us an e-mail or a letter (mention if you want us to publish your name and surname-or you would like to change them). We would be very grateful. Maybe your case will inspire others. If you want to help, send us your opinion: merlin@merlin-zdrowie.pl ( as a topic write OPINION) or send it at our address.

The verification of conformability with the UE directives.


The devices have got the certificates CE and the certificates of verification of conformability with UE directives. They were also examined by the Institute of Technology and Medical Instruments ‘ITAM’ and the Laboratory of Investigative and Designing Patterns ‘EMAG’. What is more the devices Digital Clark’s Zapper and Digital Silver Pulser are in compliance with the norms:

PN-EN 61000-4-2:1999+A2:2003, PN-EN 61000-4-3:2006(U), PN-EN 55011:2001+A2:2004

(details in fold CERTIFICATES)
The devices are marked in compliance with UE directive 2002/96/WE and Polish Law, considering used electronic and electric equipment, by the symbol of crossed out container for utility refuse and is utilized according to EU directives.

Digital Clark’s Zapper and Digital Silver Pulser are in compliance with Dr Hulda Clark’s protocol and Dr Bob Beck’s protocol.


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