Colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is considered so unique and effective in reinforcing human immune system that we shouldn't ignore its qualities. Especially, as it is possible that it may become our best weapon in fighting "super germs", viruses - mutants, deadly microbes used by bio-terrorists and other lethal plagues of the 21st century.

Colloidal silver may be produced at home, e.g. with Digital Silver Pulser. The electrodes sold with the device suffice for production of approx. 250 litres. It is worth mentioning that one litre of ready-made colloidal silver costs about PLN 150. In order to produce colloidal silver, you need only distilled water and Digital Silver Pulser.

KoloidacjaColloidal silver has been known for over 90 years and it is considered a natural medicine. A characteristic feature of the colloidal solution is high level of fragmentation. Silver ions are created in the process of solving silver electrode in distilled water with the use of low-voltage electricity. This type of product is often referred to as "electro-colloidal silver" and it is a genuine product. Colloidal silver is a solution with antibacterial, antiviral and fungicidal properties. It is meant for internal and external use. It is a natural antibiotic: effective, mild and non-toxic. These microscopic silver particles do not accumulate in the body and are secreted within a couple of days. If an antibiotic eliminates around 6-7 harmful bacteria, the colloidal silver kills more than 650 pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds. Silver particles do not attack microbes directly. They work as a catalyst and they are not consumed by this process. Their effectiveness is based on deactivation of an enzyme which is necessary for single-celled bacteria, viruses and fungi in their aerobic metabolic process. As a result of this process, harmful microbes mentioned above die within 6 minutes. And this is probably due to this indirect process that bacteria are not able to develop immunity to silver particles, as it is the case with antibiotics. Colloidal silver is the only form of this noble metal which can be safely used as supplementation.

In his book "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" Dr James F. Balch recommends colloidal silver for a number of ailments.
Some of them are listed below:
  • in acne, as an important "natural antibiotic and disinfection agent"
  • in AIDS as a very important "antiseptic agent which soothes inflammations and facilitates skin disease treatment"
  • in finger mycosis, as the basic "natural antibiotic and disinfection agent which kills fungi, viruses and bacteria"
  • in bladder infections as very important supplementation
  • in bronchitis as substantial supplementation
  • in scalds as very important
  • in case of cold sore as very important
  • in leg ulcers, as helpful
  • in pneumonia, as a substantial supplement which "reduced the inflammatory condition and contributed to reconstruction of the damaged lung tissue"
  • in venereal diseases (STD), as important
  • in sun burns as a important
  • in tonsillitis, as helpful
  • in tuberculosis as very important
  • in vaginal inflammation as helpful supplementation

Other source of information, Alternative Medicine Guide Supplement Shopper,, also recommends using colloidal silver in various ailments:
  • in bacterial infections as "a mineral compound with antibacterial properties which stimulates the immune system and can be applied topically or internally in various infections"
  • in bronchitis - "In upper-respiratory infections we often recommend colloidal silver..."
  • in mycosis
  • in sore throat and tonsillitis - "the tea tree oil and colloidal silver have antiseptic properties and help to fight a number of infectious agents, such as viruses. They are recommended in many ailments, including sore throat and tonsillitis"
  • for skin disinfection
  • in urinary tract infections, common cold, flue as also in case of cuts and abrasions.

Cząstki srebraColloidal silver does not stay in the blood longer than 5 minutes after application. The silver is accumulated in the cells of the reticular-endothelial system, especially in the liver and spleen, and also, in some amounts, in the lymph nodes. Reticular -endothelial cells are a part of the immune system. They clean the body by absorbing foreign matter, cell waste, attacking germs etc. These cells also absorb colloidal silver particles assuming they are foreign matter. Following neutralization, silver is stored in these cells. Because the cells also consume and absorb germs, the latter get into direct impact area of the silver particles. When it happens, the germs fall victims of antibacterial properties of silver particles. It seems obvious that silver is much more toxic for non-nucleic cells and viruses than for human (nucleic) ones.

The crucial factors which determine high quality of colloidal silver are the size of its particles, cleanness and concentration, while the size is the most important issue - the smaller, the better. The only method of authoritative determination of these three aspects in laboratory analysis. The particles size can be established precisely only with electron microscope with high resolution.

As for the last 50 years hardly anyone has dealt with colloidal silver, some of the best scientific research was carried out before 1938. Colloidal silver was used in reference to a number of pathogenic factors and ailments. Below we present a list of pathogenic factors and ailment which were documented before 1938, when the patients were effectively treated with colloidal silver.

Dr. Reynolds lists 97 various pathogens and ailments. We have selected some of them. The brackets contain references to Dr. Reynolds:
  • Anthrax bacteria (Bechhold, H (1919) Colloids in Biology and Medicine)
  • Acute rheumatoid disease (Ibid.)
  • Typhoid (Ibid.)
  • Colitis (Searle, A.B. (1919) The Use of Colloids in Health and Disease. quotation from British Medical Journal, 12 May, 1917)
  • Diarrhoea (Ibid.)
  • Tuberculosis (Ibid.)
  • Dysentery (Ibid.).
  • Shingles (Ibid.)
  • Pyogenic staphylococcus (Ibid.)
  • Streptococcus (Ibid.)
  • Warts (Ibid.)
  • Pimples (Ibid., quotation C.E.A. MacLeod in Lancet, 3 February,1912)

In the latest articles, according to Dr. Reynolds, the application of silver also in the following cases was describes (shortened list):
  • Salmonella (Thurman, R.B. and Gerba, C.P. (1989). The Molecular Mechanism of Cop-per and Silver Ion Disinfection of Bacteria and Viruses.)
  • Bacterial spores (IBID.)
  • Bovine rotavirus (Ibid.)
  • Candida albicans (Simonetti, N.; Simonetti, G.; Bougnol, E.; Scalzo, M. (1992). Electrochemical Ag+ for Preservative Use. Article from z Applied and Environmental Microbiology, American Society for Microbiology)"

One might expect a complicated miracle of contemporary science to treat the ailments mentioned above, but as far as colloidal silver is concerned, it looks completely different. It is ridiculously easy: It's nothing but water with silver. Both of these ingredients have been known from the beginning of the world. On the other hand, synthetic antibiotics are effective only for certain bacteria, we have been using them for only 50 years and some types of bacteria are already resistant to it (not to mention viruses, which have always been immune). We are just beginning to realize that this situation may bring fatal danger and it is getting worse and worse every day.

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