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We invite you to get acquainted with this new, revolutionary, break-through method of treating ailments (including those considered incurable by contemporary medicine). It has saved lives and health of thousands of patients to whom academic medicine had nothing to offer. Years of research and tests in hospitals and laboratories all over the worlds have proved above all doubt the outstanding effectiveness of this method (97-99.8%) in treatment of even the most severe and hopeless cases. Also you can benefit from this method. Take care about the you and yours, so that you will never have to worry again about your health or the health of your family.

Two devices in one

Silver Pulser
It is a state-of-art and highly advanced device consisting of two modules connected in one case. These modules are "Silver Maker" (a device for production of colloidal silver) and "Back Therapy Blood Purifier" (a device for blood purification)

Blood purifier module

Silver PulserIt is a device used for purification of blood and internal organs (except for bowels) from viruses, bacteria, microbes and parasites. A revolutionary method called "blood purification" was applied in the device. It is an alternative for medical devices (stationary and laboratory) which are used in the most modern hospitals and it is based on the same principle. The difference between Digital Silver Pulser and the devices used in the health care system lies in the fact that the blood subject to electrification with the use of Digital Silver Pulser doesn't have to be drawn from the patient and then injected again (this procedure is very painful, expensive and time-consuming; there is also a danger of infection). With the use of Digital Silver Pulser the same process takes place in a non-invasive and painless way, by using two electrodes strapped to the wrist. This method has been tested many times and it is used in modern hospitals and clinics all over the world. The results of the tests are clear and the independent scientists prove that the method used in Digital Silver Pulser is of outstanding effectiveness and it removes completely all harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites. During the recent years, more than 20 000 with very poor chances for recovery have undergone this treatment. It turned out, that the ill persons who underwent the "blood electrification" procedures were completely cured in 99.8%.


Digital Silver Pulser is effective against all diseases such as: tumour( secondary tumour), multiple sclerosis, AIDS, jaundice, hepatitis, Ebola virus, chronic tiredness, candida and many others. In all cases, no matter how the disease was advanced, 97-99,8% cases were cured ( data published by Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York).)


BLOOD PURIFIER module functions in Digital Silver Pulser

silver purifier   - Digital BLOOD PURIFIER module controlled and stabilized by quartz
- TIMER function - allows for setting the work time from 1 minute to 180 minutes
- TEST Function - upon switching, the device carries out an autotest of all functions and systems
- ONE TOUCH SYSTEM Function - allows you to set any frequency in a quick and simple way,
  the buttons speed up the change of values when pressed
- Graphic display of the battery charge level
- Processor system of battery charging
- All the functions are displayed on the display in the real time
- A possibility to regulate the output voltage even during the procedure
- Display and countdown of the remaining time of the procedure
- Battery-saving function - the BLOOD PURIFIER module switches off automatically after
  2 minutes of idle mode
- TEST MODE function - used to perform a test after the first 3 weeks of the therapy
  (detailed description can be found in the manual of the device)
- The end of procedure sound signal and information on the display
- Electronic stabilization and regulation of the output voltage
- Memory function which stores the data concerning the last procedure
  (works also if the device is switched off completely)
- a LED diode signals the actual voltage flow through the body of the patient during the procedure
  (it is a very useful function which informs us about any potential lack of voltage flow,
  e.g. in case of non-contacting electrodes or a power cut in the cable).
- Shape and frequency of the output signal is always identical with the set values, regardless of
  the load of the device( in other devices it changes depending on the resistance of a patient)
- Unfavourable drift of frequencies in the BLOOD PURIFIER module is eliminated , it is not detected
  even with precision to 0.0000001,i.e. the module matches the quality of laboratory devices


Silver Maker Module

Digital Zapper Making Colloid Silver has never been so simple as it is today. New Digital Silver Pulser, thanks to silver maker module can make high-qualified colloid silver in few minutes, strength of (5-20 ppm). It is only to put silver electrodes into outlet in the back side of Digital Silver Pulser ( the picture on the left) and put the device on the glass of distilled water ( picture: production of colloidal silver). Silver electrodes which are enclosed to Digital Silver Pulser are enough to produce about 200 liters of colloid silver of strength of 10 ppm.

Silver Pulser

Digital Silver Pulser has got Silver Maker Module which is needed to production of high-qualified colloid silver, which meets standards of optimum silver particle dimension (1,5-5 nm) with the strength of 5-20 ppm and it also guarantee the highest quality, effectiveness and safety of usage this preparation. Making colloid silver with Silver Maker is very simple and profitable.

Colloid silver which is produced by Digital Silver Maker device works like antibiotic (it kills over 650 strains of bacterium) but it doesn't have any side effects.


SILVER MAKER module function in Digital Silver Pulser

zapper generator   - Digital SILVER MAKER module controlled and stabilized by quartz
- TIMER function - shows the duration of colloidation and counts down the time till the end of
  the process
- TEST Function - upon switching, the device carries out an autotest of all functions
  and systems
- ONE TOUCH SYSTEM function - allows you to set any colloid concentration from 5 to 20 ppm
  in a quick and simple way
- Processor system of battery charging
- Graphic display of the battery charge level
- All the functions are displayed on the display in the real time
- Display and countdown of the remaining colloidation time
- Battery-save function - the SILVER MAKER module switches off automatically after 2 minutes
  of the idle mode
- The end of colloidation sound signal and information on the display
- Memory function which stores the data colloid concentration (works also if the device
  is switched off completely)
- a LED diode which signals the correct course of the colloidation process - green colour
- a LED diode which signals the lack of current flow through the colloid (e.g. if the electrodes
  are rusty) - orange colour
- Electronic anti-short-circuit system
- The system automatically detects short-circuit of the electrodes (e.g. as a result of sediments
  collecting during the colloidation or accidental short-circuit), it stops the countdown
  automatically and cuts off the voltage from the electrodes, makes the sound alarm go off
  and makes the LED diode light up - red colour
- Unfavourable drift of frequencies is eliminated from the SILVER MAKER module, it is not
  detected even with precision to 0.0000001,i.e. the module matches the quality of laboratory


The only contraindication to use this device is pregnancy ( only because it was not tested on pregnant women). People with electronic implants implanted above waist can use the device putting the electrodes on ankles. Blood purifier cannot be used during chemotherapy. The device has got the certificates CE and the certificates of verification of conformability with UE directives. It was also examined by the Institute of Technology and Medical Instruments 'ITAM' and the Laboratory of nvestigative and Designing Patterns 'EMAG'. ( details in fold Certificates)


Buying Digital Silver Pulser you will get 2 professional devices in lower price then you would like to buy it separately. At the moment there are not such precise devices, with processing control like Digital Silver Pulser, available anywhere else. Stability and the quality of signal is very crucial here, especially in Silver Maker module because it influences directly the quality of colloid. With blood electrification it is suggested to drink about 200 ml a day, which is 6 literes per treatment. In pharmacy for such amount of colloid-with similar quality- you will pay about 800 zł). Dzięki modułowi Silver Maker srebro masz za darmo. Thanks to Silver Maker Module have colloid silver for free. Electrodes enclosed to set are enough to produce about 250 litres of colloid silver. For such amount of silver you have to pay about 26.000 zł. In chemistry.

Colloidal silver properties

It has been confirmed that colloidal silver facilitates the treatment if such diseases, as: viral infections - cold, catarrh, flu, bronchitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, cold sore, bacterial infections - angina, diarrhoea, tuberculosis, inflammation of stomach and bowels, mycosis and infections caused by fungi - skin, nails and foot mycosis, vaginal mycosis, candidosis of the intestines and lungs, infections of the lymph nodes, chronic inflammatory conditions of the sinuses, mouth; psoriasis and dandruff - colloidal silver disinfects the skin, soothes inflammations and itching, long-healing wounds, scalds (including sun burnings), soothes infections and facilitates quick recovery of the damaged cells; acne - colloidal silver soothers the external symptoms and purifies the body from the inside, thus supporting the removal of the causes of this ailment.

Colloidal silver Colloidal silver supports our immunity, which gives it preventive and protective quality against various infections. What is more, in many cases it causes quick inflow of vigour and facilitates the work of the brain, which is why it may be used be persons suffering from chronic fatigue. Colloidal silver is a perfect agent which facilitates disinfection without causing a burning sensation. It may be used for cleansing cuts, scratches, insect bites, as well as for disinfection of hands and kitchen and sanitary utilities. It is worth mentioning that the Russians and the Americans on their space shuttles use water purification system based on colloidal silver. Some swimming pool owners also use colloidal silver to purify the water, as unlike chlorine it does not irritate the eyes and skin. Japanese companies use colloidal silver for removing harmful cyanogen oxide and nitrogen oxide from the air. The Agency for Environmental Protection and the government of Switzerland have approved water filters containing colloidal silver for use in offices and at homes.
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Oficjalny protokół Dr Bova Becka

OFFICIAL DR. BOB BECK'S PROTOCOL - questions and answers

How long has Digital Silver Pulser been available on the market?

Since 1991, when it was invented by Dr. Bob Beck as an alternative for medical devices, where the same technology was applied, but the patient's blood was drawn first, then it was subject to electric processing and injected back to the patients body (just like in the dialysis devices). This activity requires a lot of time, it is expensive and painful. What is more, this technology would remain unavailable for ordinary people and under full control of the health care system.

How do we know that it works?

We know it because this biotechnology is based on repeated laboratory tests which prove constant, negative influence of electricity on microbes. In many hospitals around the world, regular scientific research is carried out. This research successfully proves that Digital Silver Pulser-type of devices fully remove the viruses and other microbes from the patients' bodies. Moreover, a community of persons suffering from AIDS in South California loudly demands these devices due to their curing effect, following the success of a group (approx 15 000) of patients who got rid of the HIV virus and found out about the effectiveness of this device. What is more, the author and hundreds of others recovered from diseases caused by viruses thanks to this device.

Is Digital Silver Pulser safe?

Yes, definitely. The electric current applied by this device is lower than popular and widely used all over the world TENS units (units for transdermal stimulation of nerves by electricity), which have been approved, among others, by AMA - the American Medical Association. Of course, the safety of the device depends on the patient obeying the rules and nor using it longer or more often than indicated. It is also important not to take medicines or herbs at other times than immediately after electrification.

Why do I have to limit the time of taking herbs and medicines to the time immediately after using the blood purification device?

It is so because under the influence of electricity the cells absorb chemical substances in the circulation more easily. We can avoid that by giving out body a lot of time (22-23 hours) for removing the chemical substances from the medicines by taking them immediately after each session. The influence of electricity on the cells works only when the current is applied. The effect of increased absorbency appears only during the procedure and then subsides.

Is the rule concerning taking the medicine only after using the device absolute?

Nothing is absolute except from the highest love. It you think that your liver and kidneys work properly and you have nothing against drinking a lot of water, you may take your medicine in the morning and in the evening and check how you feel. Of course you should start with a smaller dose, so that if this effect does not work on you, you do not feel too bad. It is necessary to choose the right time to use the device for blood purification before you start taking medicines once or twice a day.

What are your experiences concerning that rule?

Usually I checked this rule by drinking strong Chinese Yin tea. After drinking 2 cups of tea before using Digital Silver Pulser, I started to feel unwell within 2 hours (headaches, weakness, jittery, nausea). When I drunk the same tea immediately after using Silver, my wellbeing remained within the norm.

What are your recommendations to be sure that the organism has already eliminated all herbs and medicines within 23 hours?

You should drink a lot of liquids which facilitate purification, such as water, fruit and vegetable juices. If you suffer from reduced kidney function, you should include in your diet some diuretics, such as: watermelon, cucumber or parsley. Sweating is not recommended as it has a dehydrating effect, although it allows for removal of toxins from the skin. It is good to jump though, as it keeps lymph in movement.

What is the best time for using Digital Silver Pulser?

Due to high absorbency, it is best to use the device when the blood contains the lowest potential amount of toxic side-products of metabolism. It is so just after waking up. The second best time is just before going to bed.

Should we avoid spices and alcohols immediately before using the blood purification device?

Yes. You should also avoid all medicines (including laxatives and pain killers), high doses of vitamins A, D, beta-carotene, nicotine acid, garlic, caffeine and nicotine. However, salts and other minerals are useful for maintaining proper flow of electricity in the blood. It is also recommended to use sea salt with every meal. Salt is a necessary nutrient and is especially crucial for upper-renal glands and their proper functioning.

Is using Digital Silver Pulser safe for persons with electric implants (such as pacemakers)?

The purification device supplies electricity to the blood circulation. This electricity, as all other, chooses the way of lowest resistance. When the electrodes are placed on the arteries of one wrist, the current makes a loop moving along the arteries of the palm and the arm, up to the elbow and then back to the wrist. Therefore it does not affect larger area than up to the elbow, although it is possible that the current will move with the main arteries and reach the spinal area. Because it is possible, I recommend that all persons with electric implants placed above the waist used the purification devices by placing them on their ankles. The reason for this solutions is the fact, that the arteries in ankles of both legs connect in the lower part of the body. Such connection excludes a possibility that the current will reach any area above it.

Are there any people whom the device may not help?

Everybody is a carrier of many bacteria and viruses removed by this device. For example, the book on chronic fatigue includes information that 97% of adults are carriers of the virus Epsteina Barr (EBV). The immunity system regulated the energy spent on controlling the amounts of bacteria and viruses on the level where they cannot cause a disease. If all bacteria and viruses were eliminated, this energy could be directed to the healing and recovery process, instead of protection.

Should my partner also use the blood purification device?

Yes. It is believed that is prevents a relapse of infection, which may spread by kissing or sexual intercourse. But it refers only to viruses spread in this way.

How much time a day do we need to spend on using the blood purification device?

Digital Silver Pulser should be used gradually - starting with 15 minutes to reach at least 1 hour a day. In case of significant decrease of immunity or poor circulation, we should try to extend this time to 2 hours. This procedure should be repeated every day for the period from 1 to 2 months. You may divide the total time into 2 or 3 sessions a day.

What are the reactions to blood purification?

These are standard reactions during intense work of the immune system: headaches, fatigue, weakness, etc. In persons with average health, it may last for about 3 weeks, but it all depends not only on the condition of blood, but the whole body. After the month, you should carry out a test by using Digital Silver Pulser for 3 hours a day, if it is possible for 3 consecutive days to check if we feel any worse after such procedure. If we feel fine, the treatment is over. People with weak immune system or with kidney or liver dysfunction usually require much longer period of using the device, than the generally recommended one.

How about using Digital Silver Pulser for fighting with common cold and flu?

After the regular treatment, the immune system of the patient will be stronger and it will protect such person better. In case of common cold or a flu it is best to use the device for 2 hours, changing the wrist after one hour. If we use the procedure immediately after the first symptoms appear, we will prevent the illness from developing. These viruses have a short life cycle and this is why it is required to use Digital Silver Pulser for a longer time in order to avoid repeated infections caused by the next generations of such microbes.

Akcesoria Zapasowe

Digital Silver Pulser set includes also:

- a set of silver electrodes (99.99)
- a cable for colloidal silver production
- a blood electrification cable
- a neoprene wrist band
- a power supply unit
- a detailed manual in English
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