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MerlinParasites - approx. 100 various types of parasites may live in our bodies
from microscopic organisms such as viruses and bacteria to tapeworms - the parasites damage our immunity by producing toxins and causing pain. They may be present also in the lungs, liver, muscles, joints, brain, gullet, blood on the skin, in connective tissue and even in the eyes, nose and ears.
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MerlinCandida - plague of the 21st century
How to treat someone who is: always tired, often irritated, complains of itching skin, sometimes rushes, eczema, or even mycosis of nails, someone who has problems with concentration, memory, attacks of panic or sometimes crying, depressive mood, sadness, problems with sleeping, irritability, headaches?
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MerlinCheck if you have candida - print out the test and sum-up the points.
The latest research shows that most of the population is infected with candida. It is interesting that candida itself may develop in a body for many years without any symptoms and attacks after a long period of time.
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MerlinMicrobes - they are everywhere are preservatives are their delicacy
It is no longer a secret that preservatives included in food are harmful to our body. What is more, they contribute to increased development of parasitic colonies. See the list of the most harmful preservatives which, among others, contribute to development of many serious diseases. [ read more ] »

MerlinThis substance is undefeatable. Find out about the "super weapon" of the ancient people.
As a result of this process, harmful microbes mentioned above die within 6 minutes.
And this is probably due to this indirect process that bacteria are not able to develop immunity to silver particles, as it is the case with antibiotics. [ read more ] »

MerlinA list of ailments which fear "electronic killers"
You want to make sure Digital Clark's Zapper and Digital Silver Pulser are right for you? See a fragment of a list of ailments with parasitic etiology. [ read more

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